Glass Art In Schools

Becca's five years of experience teaching art electives at Metropolitan Learning Center have made her quite comfortable and effective in the classroom. She also has spearheaded projects at Oregon Trail Elementary and Christ the King School. She has been working with Portland area public and private schools for over 10 years now and has the experience to provide a wonderful and artistic learning environment in your classroom.

  • Enhance your educational goals with glass art – Use the theme or themes being explored in the classroom as a foundation for the art process. Have students formulate their own whimsical designs. Bugs, wind chimes, magnets, and small plates are popular project ideas.
  • Cultivate Collaborative Installation – Encourage teamwork, cooperation, creativity, project formation, management, and completion. Watch their abilities develop and mature as they work together on a frieze, wall hanging, or large platter.
  • Enrich the scenic beauty and aesthetic appeal of the learning space while providing opportunities to experience and develop lifelong skills. Enable students to tap into their artistic consciousness and learn while having fun.